John Goullet and Diversant are Leading With Solutions

John Goullet is one of the most sought talented individuals based in the United States. His career has spanned through the world of technology and information sharing. For over six years, he has worked for the Diversant Company as a technology staffing agent and consultant. He is also the CEO and Chairman of the Diversant Company. John Goullet obtained his career and education from the College of Ursinus based in Philadelphia from. For the sake of his history in the field, he has always had greater offers in every meeting.


He is one of the few professionals in the field who are known for their experience. Because he has passion at what he does, it ‘s not hard for him to attain success at what he does. His leadership abilities are unmatched in the industry. For more than two decades, he has gained enough experience in direction and management to become one o the most sought business leaders in technology. He is also known as one of the best entrepreneurs in the world of information technology and staffing. Because he has succeeded in all his endeavors, he is considered a better leader than starters. Whenever he is at work, he has all the passion necessary to defend challenges. While he has worked in the technology sector for more than two decades, he has ventured into various capacities to develop his business in a manner that represents his true leadership skills in the society.


When you talk about success in technology, the name John Goullet must always appear in the statements. This is the reason why his organization skills have performed through Diversant Company. You will have the pleasure to view his work at the company through the success he has attained as a manager and business leader. Diversant Company is also known as one of the most prominent African-American IT staffing company with more than 20 years of professional experience. The company, for a long time now, has considered a market niche to offer T staffing products and diversity in the industry. For this reason, they are now prominent in the provision of innovative diversity solutions to companies.


Doesn’t Matter What State Your Mane Is In, WEN Re-Creates Beautiful Hair

Ask any woman about her hair, and you’re bound to hear a lot of things. Let’s face it; hair is personal to each and every one of us. Long, short, cork-screw curly, natural or pin straight, hair matters.

When our mane looks less than ideal, the frustration level can sky-rocket. When your hair looks gorgeous, you feel fantastic with self-confidence. Hair is the perfect beauty accessory.

What many women don’t understand is the hair routine they are locked in. In other words, not every shampoo and conditioner is decent. Most are laden with ugly chemicals like sulfates and parabens, and these do little but provide a big sudsy action.

Chaz Dean would tell you that sulfates actually weaken the structure of your locks, robbing strands of their natural oils and moisture. That’s why the famous west coast stylist invented WEN By Chaz, the true original no lather shampoo.

That’s right; there is zero lather but a luxurious blend of natural ingredients. Plant-based extracts define the WEN By Chaz difference, and after one wash, you’ll notice the obvious.

WEN’s unique cleansing conditioners are the ultimate way to wash, condition, de-tangle, deep condition and act as a leave-in conditioner. One bottle performs all these tasks, as you gently massage the formula through the hair and onto the scalp. These ingredients have been scientifically chosen to add strength to strands, moisture, softness and super shine.

Women rave about WEN’s incredible manageability features, because hair suddenly has superior movement and volume. It doesn’t matter what type of hair you have or even if you’re a double-processed blonde. Your mane will improve when you give up your regular shampoos and conditioners and go the WEN no lather way.

Pomegranate, Tea Tree, Sweet Almond Mint and Lavender are just a few of these heavenly, effective formulas.

Find more about Chaz Dean at

The Black Bold Magnises Card Provides Cultual Opportunities for the Stylish and Professional Millennial:

Billy McFarland, the “media-mogul described,” technical wizard of the Millennial set, has created a terrific brand in way of his metal, bold and black Magnises card offering. The card brings the element of “cool” to the card industry. For years, rewards programs have been a mainstay–and nothing wrong with that–however, where Magnises proves stylishly effective, for its cool and stylish set of Millennial professionals is that it offers a social component as seen in


It provides the Millennial with great discounts, with regard to the city’s best nightspots, sporting events, eateries, dancing venues; fashionable boutiques, cultural venues, Broadway plays, and more.


It is the best card to have for the professional Millennial who wishes to experience all of the “best,” premier locations, offered within the city, which he resides and works. It provides the Millennial ease of entry to popular, night-spots, with no “wait time.” It allows the Magnises member to attend events, wherein, everyone wishes to attend; however, where attendance is next to impossible. Again, entry into some of these hard-to-access events is not impossible for the Magnises member. Go now:


The price for this “must have,” is an agreeable $250.00, per annum. Not only that: the card provides the professional with a handy way which to pay for his purchases. The card is linkable to an existing debit card or bank card. The linkage makes it possible for the Magnises member to pay for his purchase, in style, without qualifying for the card. The payment benefit is another reason, the Magnises member tends to migrate toward Billy McFarland’s fashionable, product offering.


Too: the Magnises member is provided access to a contemporary Penthouse at a premier, hotel location, complete with an open bar. The refined location makes it possible for members to engage in conversation over refreshing libations, after work. Click here.


The company, too, now offers its member with a concierge app–wherein, he or she can plan the evening’s activities. The card continues to evolve and improve–making social connections for the stylish and professional Millennial easily achievable.

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James Dondero Pledges a Record $1 Million Grant to Conclude The Family Place’s Capital Campaign

James Dondero has declared publicly the commitment of Highland Capital Management of assisting The Family Place to end its Legacy Campaign by raising the remaining $2.8 million. The firm has started a challenge grant valued at $1 million. The Family Palace received the amazing news from James Dondero during its 21st Annual Trailblazer Awards hosted at the Dallas’ Hilton Anatole.


Dondero stated that the HCM’s philanthropic arm, Highland Dallas Foundation, would ensure funds acquired in support of capital campaign are matched by 50 percent to the tune of $1 million. HCM intends to wrap up its challenge grant on April 4, 2017. The Family Palace received $100,000 from HCM as match up funds for the $200,000 it had raised for the Legacy campaign. Dondero applauded the Dallas police chief and mayor for recognizing family violence as a life-threatening issue and calling for the community to assist in resolving it.


Dondero also commended the Dallas-based civic community for being on the forefront in solving pressing issues that the Dallas community encounters. For instance, The Family Place approached the issue of family violence with extra caution and launched a successful campaign within a year. The funds collected will finance the establishment of a Counseling Center, which will rehabilitate family violence victims.


James Dondero


James Dondero is a resident of Dallas, who co-founded an asset management firm called Highland Capital Management (HCM). His reputation stems from his ability to develop innovative credit-oriented solutions for retail and institutional investors. Over the past three decades, Dondero has become a heavyweight in the equity and credit markets. He has built strong connections in the investment arena by sitting on the executive board of top companies, including MGM Studios and American Banknote.




James Dondero’s philanthropic efforts have concentrated on improving lives within the Dallas area. Several charities and non-profits have received generous contributions from him. Dondero’s dedication to increasing educational opportunities for individuals residing in the Dallas area has led to a growing list of donations and collaboration that continues to improve the lives of people living in Dallas.


How The Banking Industry Has Changed For The Better

Banks offer some of the most practical services for individuals and businesses. These fine institutions give people a place to store their assets, build wealth, and loan support. Either way you look at it, these institutions serve a purpose and without them, carnage would possibly take place. Community Banking is a hot topic now days as it offers some of the very best services. Many of these services mirror the services of the much larger national banks and many community banks are outpacing the competition dramatically.


Have you ever heard of NexBank? This is one of Dallas, Texas’ most premier up & coming financial institutions. Formerly known as “Heritage Bank,” NexBank Capital embodies any and everything of community banking. This great organization is being run by President and CEO John Holt. Mr. Holt has an extensive background in the business and he’s laid out a very successful plan that implements some of the best advanced technological features in today’s banking. Mr. Holt served as a panelist at last year’s “Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference” in New Orleans. NexBank was also involved in the “Affordable Housing Loan Program” in Dallas last year. The exclusive institution provided up to $50 Million in mortgage loan support as well as other supportive services. This allowed families who live in specific Dallas zip codes, access to affordable loan coverage.


NexBank has a lot to offer for both businesses and individuals whether it’s investments, business acquisitions, treasury management, credit services, commercial lending, real estate advisory, public funds, agency services, and many more. Even the popular online and mobile banking is available for use. This is truly the blueprint of success and a solid model to replicate for any financial institution. NexBank has definitely changed community banking to the fullest.

Securus Celebrates Reaching the Finals of 11th Annual Stevie Awards

Securus Technologies ensures the criminal justice deliver their services effectively by providing them with the latest and competitive technology solutions. The firm has been receiving recognition almost every year for the quality of their solutions.


I believe the organization received the nomination for the customer service awards news by Stevie Annual Awards happily. The technology solutions company was quick to announce to the public that they were among the finalists in the 2017 Stevie Awards. Considering the nature of the services and products Securus has been offering to the criminal justice. I am confident that they stand a high chance of bagging Gold.


All eyes are set on Friday of February 24 when the winner will be announced. The event will take place at Caesars Palace in the city of Las Vegas in the state of Nevada. The occasion will go hand in hand with the gala banquet event.


Securus is anxiously waiting for this day since they are very optimistic about winning. Emerging the Gold winners will enhance their brand both locally and internationally. The firm will receive more business calls from other nations asking for their solutions.


Being shortlisted in the final list is a great achievement as the evaluation was very competitive. Notably, over 2300 firms had been nominated for this award. To ensure honesty and fairness in the selection of the finalists, the Stevie Awards used 77 judges sourced from different countries to make the decision. Finally, a bench of seven judges will announce the winner that day.


Securus have been upgrading their customer services as well as acquiring and effectively training their workforce. The firm empathizes with the stress and difficulties undergone by the customers. This ensures that they personalize the case thus dealing with the clients’ needs effectively. Customers have been expressing their satisfaction with our services and thus confident that they deserve the award.


Why George Soros is funding the Democrats

George Soros came into the limelight during the 2004 elections in the US. The billionaire investor spent over $27 million, trying to make sure that George W. Bush didn’t get into office. He spent this cash on Bush’s opponents. Many thought that he wouldn’t reemerge after this. Contrary to this, Soros has reemerged. The billionaire has pledged over $25 million to fund Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The funds are to be used to also fund other Democratic candidates. Sources close to him indicate that Soros may give more as the countdown to Election Day keeps going.

The 85-year-old was expected to appear at the Democratic Convention, something he hasn’t done before. It is at the convention that Clinton was expected to accept her presidential nomination. Soros, however, canceled this trip. An associate of his says that the trip was canceled because George Soros wanted to monitor Europe’s economic situation closely, since he had gone back to active trading.

Those close to Soros, however, have seemingly noted a strong revival in his engagement with politics on This is evident as Soros hadn’t been politically active for quite a long time. What seems to motivate him is the strong faith he has on the Democrat candidate. His dislike for Trump also seems to be another motivating factor. Soros is known to have compared Trump’s work to that of ISIS, since Trump works by stoking fears.

Michael Vachon, Soros’ official political advisor, seems to agree with this. He states that although his boss has been known to contribute to Democratic causes consistently on Politico, the donations have been exponentially high this time. He goes on to explain that the donations even began before Trump was selected as the Republicans’ candidate. This is because of the difference in ideologies that Soros and the republicans had. The issues that the republicans brought forth seem to have contradicted what Soros was standing for. The immigration reform and religious tolerance are just but a few of such ideologies at

This move by Soros has seen other significant donors contribute to Clinton’s campaign on Tom Steyer, an environmentalist from San Francisco, pumped in over $30 million. Don Sussman, the founder of the New York hedge, has made contributions that total to $13.2 million for various purposes. Media personalities, Fred Eychaner and Haim Saban, have donated a total of over $20 million to the campaigns. These are just but a few of the donations that have been made, although the influence of George Soros still remains significant.

Lime Crime Is Always On The Move


Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that was started by Doe Deere, and their website can be found here. Doe Deere is a very unique individual, and she always had a passion for fashion and for color. Doe Deere moved from Russia to the United States when she was a young adult. Doe Deere had a dream to work in fashion, and that is what she did. After joining a band, Deere decided that she wanted to go to school for fashion design. Deere enrolled in school, and soon after she started her own fashion design company. Doe Deere’s clothing had a lot of fans, and she was able to sell clothes on eBay. Deere also wanted to do something with make up, because she found that the make up that she was using was not pigmented enough for her taste.


Deere started experimenting with theatrical makeup. Theatrical makeup is usually thick and a lot more pigmented than regular cosmetic makeup. Deere loved the variety that she could find with colors, and she soon started making up her own cruelty free brand of makeup. Doe Deere was able to achieve success with her cosmetic brand with just a couple hundred dollars and her dream. Deere’s products became successful, and now they are sold all around the world.


Doe Deere is constantly improving her makeup line. Her Velvetines are very popular, because they are able to give Lime Crime fans a bright and pigmented color that can either be glossy, matte, or metallic. Deere also makes a series of blushes, and eyeshadows that are very popular.


Doe Deere has done a lot more than just create LimeCrime, because she used her cosmetic brand as a catapult to further her growth and her career. Doe Deere is also a professional speaker, and she encourages women all around the world to follow their dreams. Lime Crime is a company that has completely and totally surpassed her original aspirations, and she is a woman that is constantly growing and making things happen.

Wengie: Creative With Beauty And Life

One thing that people have to face is that sometimes, life is filled with plenty of inconveniences. However, this does not mean that one has to tough it out all the way. There are ways to make things a bit easier for one as he or she goes on with her day. One person who has come up with easy solutions to some problems is Wengie. She is someone who is very passionate about fashion and beauty. She herself runs her channels with honesty. She is also very dedicated to making sure that she has a new video up everyday.


Among the activities that she likes is buying new clothes that look good. However, there is one issue that people are often faced with. The newer clothes tend to start looking old. This is especially true of those that have color. Fortunately, Wengie has come up with a solution to keep the clothes looking new. One of the reasons some clothes tend to start looking old is because they gain lint. Therefore, one can take lint remover or a shaver and just brush off the lint. This actually turns out to be really effective at preserving or even restoring the newness of the clothes.


Wengie is someone who is quite a contrast to her mother. Her mother does not really pay much attention to fashion and beauty. However, Wengie takes the time to bring out her best look because that is what makes her feel good. Therefore, she wants to make sure that she not only comes up with a good look, but a look that is very unique to her. One thing that she believes in when it comes to fashion and make up is self expression. People should be allowed to express who they are through fashion and not worry about conforming to rigid standards of beauty.

The Strange Business World That Securus Dominates

There is this incredibly strange business world that exists within our criminal justice system. Just think about it, every prison and jail across this country need services. The government does not provide all of the services. So, the government reaches out to private third-party companies to fill in needs. But these prisons do not open up competition for the services. In other words, the prisoners inside of the prison cannot choose their telephone service provider, for example. The prison does it for them.


The prison chooses telephone service providers by accepting bids for exclusive contracts. These bids carry with them something called a commission. The commission is a portion of the profits made off of the telephone services that is kicked back to the prison itself. In the end, these telecommunications companies compete with each other for these contracts. They do not compete with each other directly for more customers.


This creates devilish opportunity. The company that holds the contract has exclusive rights. This exclusivity allows them to charge whatever they want while providing a poor level of service. Or the company can choose to do the right thing. They can choose to pretend that they are still in a competitive market, providing quality services, and charging reasonable rates. That’s exactly what a company called Securus does.


This innovative Securus Technologies company continues to excel in the industry. Their latest innovation, video visitation, is revolutionizing how people visit prisoners. The technology not only schedules the visitation, it provides the infrastructure. It works much the same way a video chat works. But Securus competitors, the same companies that abuse their exclusive positions, are trying to tear Securus down with rumors.


It is a strange business realm. Apparently, the innovations and good business practices of one company can draw criticism from the other companies in the industry.