Why George Soros is funding the Democrats

George Soros came into the limelight during the 2004 elections in the US. The billionaire investor spent over $27 million, trying to make sure that George W. Bush didn’t get into office. He spent this cash on Bush’s opponents. Many thought that he wouldn’t reemerge after this. Contrary to this, Soros has reemerged. The billionaire has pledged over $25 million to fund Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The funds are to be used to also fund other Democratic candidates. Sources close to him indicate that Soros may give more as the countdown to Election Day keeps going.

The 85-year-old was expected to appear at the Democratic Convention, something he hasn’t done before. It is at the convention that Clinton was expected to accept her presidential nomination. Soros, however, canceled this trip. An associate of his says that the trip was canceled because George Soros wanted to monitor Europe’s economic situation closely, since he had gone back to active trading.

Those close to Soros, however, have seemingly noted a strong revival in his engagement with politics on time.com. This is evident as Soros hadn’t been politically active for quite a long time. What seems to motivate him is the strong faith he has on the Democrat candidate. His dislike for Trump also seems to be another motivating factor. Soros is known to have compared Trump’s work to that of ISIS, since Trump works by stoking fears.

Michael Vachon, Soros’ official political advisor, seems to agree with this. He states that although his boss has been known to contribute to Democratic causes consistently on Politico, the donations have been exponentially high this time. He goes on to explain that the donations even began before Trump was selected as the Republicans’ candidate. This is because of the difference in ideologies that Soros and the republicans had. The issues that the republicans brought forth seem to have contradicted what Soros was standing for. The immigration reform and religious tolerance are just but a few of such ideologies at http://www.nybooks.com/articles/2014/11/20/wake-up-europe/.

This move by Soros has seen other significant donors contribute to Clinton’s campaign on project-syndicate.org. Tom Steyer, an environmentalist from San Francisco, pumped in over $30 million. Don Sussman, the founder of the New York hedge, has made contributions that total to $13.2 million for various purposes. Media personalities, Fred Eychaner and Haim Saban, have donated a total of over $20 million to the campaigns. These are just but a few of the donations that have been made, although the influence of George Soros still remains significant.

Lime Crime Is Always On The Move


Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that was started by Doe Deere, and their website can be found here. Doe Deere is a very unique individual, and she always had a passion for fashion and for color. Doe Deere moved from Russia to the United States when she was a young adult. Doe Deere had a dream to work in fashion, and that is what she did. After joining a band, Deere decided that she wanted to go to school for fashion design. Deere enrolled in school, and soon after she started her own fashion design company. Doe Deere’s clothing had a lot of fans, and she was able to sell clothes on eBay. Deere also wanted to do something with make up, because she found that the make up that she was using was not pigmented enough for her taste.


Deere started experimenting with theatrical makeup. Theatrical makeup is usually thick and a lot more pigmented than regular cosmetic makeup. Deere loved the variety that she could find with colors, and she soon started making up her own cruelty free brand of makeup. Doe Deere was able to achieve success with her cosmetic brand with just a couple hundred dollars and her dream. Deere’s products became successful, and now they are sold all around the world.


Doe Deere is constantly improving her makeup line. Her Velvetines are very popular, because they are able to give Lime Crime fans a bright and pigmented color that can either be glossy, matte, or metallic. Deere also makes a series of blushes, and eyeshadows that are very popular.


Doe Deere has done a lot more than just create LimeCrime, because she used her cosmetic brand as a catapult to further her growth and her career. Doe Deere is also a professional speaker, and she encourages women all around the world to follow their dreams. Lime Crime is a company that has completely and totally surpassed her original aspirations, and she is a woman that is constantly growing and making things happen.

Wengie: Creative With Beauty And Life

One thing that people have to face is that sometimes, life is filled with plenty of inconveniences. However, this does not mean that one has to tough it out all the way. There are ways to make things a bit easier for one as he or she goes on with her day. One person who has come up with easy solutions to some problems is Wengie. She is someone who is very passionate about fashion and beauty. She herself runs her channels with honesty. She is also very dedicated to making sure that she has a new video up everyday.


Among the activities that she likes is buying new clothes that look good. However, there is one issue that people are often faced with. The newer clothes tend to start looking old. This is especially true of those that have color. Fortunately, Wengie has come up with a solution to keep the clothes looking new. One of the reasons some clothes tend to start looking old is because they gain lint. Therefore, one can take lint remover or a shaver and just brush off the lint. This actually turns out to be really effective at preserving or even restoring the newness of the clothes.


Wengie is someone who is quite a contrast to her mother. Her mother does not really pay much attention to fashion and beauty. However, Wengie takes the time to bring out her best look because that is what makes her feel good. Therefore, she wants to make sure that she not only comes up with a good look, but a look that is very unique to her. One thing that she believes in when it comes to fashion and make up is self expression. People should be allowed to express who they are through fashion and not worry about conforming to rigid standards of beauty.

The Strange Business World That Securus Dominates

There is this incredibly strange business world that exists within our criminal justice system. Just think about it, every prison and jail across this country need services. The government does not provide all of the services. So, the government reaches out to private third-party companies to fill in needs. But these prisons do not open up competition for the services. In other words, the prisoners inside of the prison cannot choose their telephone service provider, for example. The prison does it for them.


The prison chooses telephone service providers by accepting bids for exclusive contracts. These bids carry with them something called a commission. The commission is a portion of the profits made off of the telephone services that is kicked back to the prison itself. In the end, these telecommunications companies compete with each other for these contracts. They do not compete with each other directly for more customers.


This creates devilish opportunity. The company that holds the contract has exclusive rights. This exclusivity allows them to charge whatever they want while providing a poor level of service. Or the company can choose to do the right thing. They can choose to pretend that they are still in a competitive market, providing quality services, and charging reasonable rates. That’s exactly what a company called Securus does.


This innovative Securus Technologies company continues to excel in the industry. Their latest innovation, video visitation, is revolutionizing how people visit prisoners. The technology not only schedules the visitation, it provides the infrastructure. It works much the same way a video chat works. But Securus competitors, the same companies that abuse their exclusive positions, are trying to tear Securus down with rumors.


It is a strange business realm. Apparently, the innovations and good business practices of one company can draw criticism from the other companies in the industry.


Why You Should Opt for Gooee’s LED Bulbs

Are you still using incandescent bulbs? Do you know that the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) banned them? Well, banning is not the right term to use. They were actually phased out. The Act, which was passed in 2007, required that the bulbs should be made 25 percent more efficient. This wasn’t possible to achieve, since it would mean that those manufacturing the bulbs decreased the intensity of the bulbs. It is for this reason that most energy bulb manufacturers opted for Gooee’s LED light bulbs. The bulbs produce a good amount of luminous flux with high efficiency.
Not many people are aware of the phase-out. This has made it difficult for the switch from incandescent to LED bulbs difficult. LEDs however exhibit way better efficiency when compared to incandescent bulbs. Some may complain that they are expensive. The days in which a single LED bulb would go for $30 are gone. The demand for these light bulbs has been on an exponential rise. This means that manufacturers have been pumping more of the product to the market, increasing the supply, and thereby decreasing the overall cost. The overall cost in the long run is however efficient. This is because LED bulbs are long lasting, and one single one could serve you longer than three incandescent bulbs could. It is estimated that a small enterprise could save up to $150 in a year by replacing all the incandescent bulbs with LED ones. These reasons should be enough to convince one to go the LED way.

George Soros Ignores Glen Beck’s Hate mongering

Why does it feel like George Soros is a man under siege? If you’ve paid attention to several articles written in The Daily Beast and The New Yorker that spew Glenn Beck’s hate mongering poison, then you’d come away shocked. Quite frankly, George Soros ignores the accumulated backbiting. Others are livid at Beck’s falsehoods, and call his tirades delusional, yet Soros doesn’t taken the bait.

When Words Spill Into The Public Arena

Beck’s fiery rhetoric can be entertaining to his fans but at the core, words can hurt, especially when a huge audience supports your demagoguery. Crowds are influenced with powerful words and entertainers like Beck manipulate our emotions, but these outbursts are no more than diversions from the real George Soros.

Who Is The Real George Soros?

An American investment banker, philanthropist, multi-billionaire, and one of the most successful fund managers in the financial world. He is also a well-known benefactor, who is particularly committed to freedom in Eastern Europe. George Soros has earned social recognition as a sponsor and chairman of the “Open Society Institute” and the “Soros Foundation“, donating an estimated $6 billion dollars worldwide. His own fortune is nearly $10 billion dollars.

Born as György Schwartz in 1930 in Budapest, George Soros was an early entrepreneur that showed great initiative. When he was ten years old, he published a magazine called Lupa Horshina, writing all the articles himself and selling them for a small fee.

During the persecution in Hungary, he hid, escaping the Holocaust. Soros fled to the west before the Soviet occupation. In 1947 he emigrated to England, and studied Economics and Political Science at the London School of Economics. During his schooling, he was greatly influenced by Karl Popper and his ideals of an open society. In 1956, Soros traveled to New York and shortly found employment with a small commercial bank, eventually working in the securities analysis division. In 1969, with starting capital of about $4 million dollars, George Soros bought a fund called Quantum that entailed extreme risk-taking and raked in above average returns. The Quantum Fund became a top-rated fund, and one of the most successful investments after only a few months.

One must admit, Soros is not only brave but daring when it comes to his investments. He ultimately forced banks in England to their knees, raking in a cool billion dollars overnight, and recently he made a killing when he dumped stock shares to buy gold. George Soros was never focused on a single asset class. He has invested in an array of instruments, including real estate. Unlike well-known investors like Warren Buffet, Soros is not a long-term investor, but rather he exploits those short-term unstable imbalances in the financial system. Undoubtedly, he knows how the financial markets work.

George Soros has this unshakeable clarity of vision, and confident risk-taking that may go against the wisdom of some, but has enabled him to become one of the richest men on earth.

Learn about George Soros and Open Society Foundations
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Awaken the Soul with Kabbalah Study at the Kabbalah Centre

The soul is one that must be carefully examined in order to help in grow. Spirituality is about many things including the growth of the soul. When the soul nurtured, a person may be surprised at just how much peace they can feel in their lives. This is a process that can take many years. As people age, they may look for sources that allow to experience the kind of soul growth that they want to achieve in their lives. With help from the Kabbalah Centre, the experts here can demonstrate where to find this kind of growth and how to become a better person as a result. They know that it is possible for them to move forward in life with study and spirituality that can offer intense feelings of happy enlightenment.


True Joy

The process of wakening the soul and finding true joy may take some time. This time is necessary in order to help people reflect on their lives and see where they have room for the growth they need in life. Spiritual growth can be very much a life long process that may never end. The person who chooses to study Kabbalah at the Kabbalah Centre is someone who is given the tools they need to find out where they can start this all important journey in their lives once they have begun to think about where they want to go.


Decades Of Help

Counselors and teachers here have spent a long time working with people who really need to have help in the world. They know that it possible for the soul to become aware and awake but that process is not always easy. One way to help this kind of search is to help them read texts of this kind closely and learn what others have discovered in the past. The decades and even centuries of accumulated wisdom to be found in such texts is wisdom that is available to all those who seek out the world of this amazing form of learning. With their help, anything in life is possible for the soul.

Why Lime Crime Products are Extremely Popular

Lime Crime is a popular product in different social media platforms. The lipstick and makeup company was founded by Doe Deere who pioneered it to become a leading e-commerce cosmetic company. She further created new ideas such as a modeling lipstick which is different from the regular lipstick used. The company has grown to become famous. The company recently celebrated having 2 million followers on their Instagram account. Through making use of a creative social media network, the firm has grown to be popular all over the world.

Doe Deere has explained on several occasions that the purpose of the Instagram account is not just to market the product, she makes the account interactive for her fans. Fans, who she calls unicorns, have always loved to share photos of themselves with their makeup. They submit the photos with the hashtag #limecrime. The pictures have helped inspire many others to come out fearlessly with their pursuit for fashion. Fans that have sent photos wearing a special makeup have always been added to the company’s gallery for other people to view. The collection of photos have given customers an idea of what it means to come out with bold colorless and fearless fashion. You can check out the company’s products through their Instagram page or their main website.

Having realized the power of social media in the e-commerce platform, Doe Deere engaged her audiences in the platform leading to millions of followers and likes. Although she has had a massive following in Instagram She makes use of other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and many others to be the voice of fashion.

Lime Crime’s popularity is also because the product is cruelty-free, a label for products that make use of ingredients that do not cause harm to harm to animals. The product is not tested to animals nor does it harm them. Lime Crime’s ingredients have also been acknowledged as being Vegan by the PETA. Vegan products do not include any animal ingredients. The company has strived to produce one of the best products and still meet regulations that preserve the environment.

Can Makari Give A Woman Her Fair Skin Back?

Makari is a skin whitening cream that has been used by a lot of women to make sure that they can get the dark spots off their skin. They have looked down to see their fair skin change color, and they want to make sure that they can change it back if they have to. Changing their skin back is easy when they start using the cream, and they will start to see gradual results that will continue to impress over time. The results that a woman gets over time will be very nice to behold, but she also have to have a way of making sure that she can make her body look presentable in all her favorite clothes.

The woman who has all these considerations to make with her clothes and her body needs to have Makari on her dresser where she can use it at once. She is trying to make sure that she can show off her skin without feeling awkward, and that is what the Makari brand is for. Every woman who is trying to lighten their skin should make sure that she has taken the time to figure out how it will work on her skin.

Every woman who wants to have nicer skin should remember that it is very easy to get this done with one tub of Makari. They can smooth this lotion on at any time, and it will help them change their skin from dark to light. They will start to see their skin change, and they can change it as much or as little as they want. It is a lot easier for her to see her body change, and she does not have to worry for another second about that patch of skin that she did not like.

The Journey Of Malini Saba

Malini’s journey is something that is inspiration to many women. I can also relate to going through the struggle to make a successful career. Malini was born into a middle class family. She has spent her childhood in Australia. When she was 19, she has traveled to the U.S. with only $200. She also had a husband who she lived with. Her husband would attend Stanford University with her. She herself did everything she can to get her education. Even though she was raised middle class, Malini has experienced poverty. She has lived with her husband in a very cheap apartment.


One thing that has caught Malini’s interest is business and investment. She liked the idea of using her money to make more money. For one thing, it was a great break from having to work very hard to make the money needed to pay the bills. Malini has learned everything she can about investments from experienced people like investment bankers and others. She has eventually started making investments into sectors such as real estate and telecommunications. She has also invested in commodities. One thing that she has done that was wise was making sure that she does not invest more than she can afford.


One mentality that investor should have when investing is that there is a strong possibility of losing money. Therefore, if I were to invest, I would have to make sure that I can still take care of my other responsibilities. Malini Saba has made wise choices with her investments. She has only used excess money that she had in order to keep from getting desperate. One thing that I have learned when it comes to investing is that it is never good to allow desperation to take over. Desperation is very likely to kill any chances at success.


Malini Saba has kept a level head when it comes to investments. This is why she was able to bring in greater returns. She was able to take the time to study the different markets. She has also kept up with the news when it came to her assets. Therefore, she has managed to make plenty of profits over the years.